Renewables NB

The Cape Jourimain Nature Center is the provincial coordinator of the New Brunswick Renewable Energy Hub, whom collects case studies that demonstrate unique renewable energy systems being used across the province. Acceptable systems fall under the categories of wind, water, earth, sun or biomass. These case studies are promoted on a website ( that offers links to resources, and provides a network of individuals and companies involved in renewable energy options for home or small commercial enterprises.

In order to best facilitate this project, the province has been divided into 4 regions. Each region has its own local coordinating organization, with MREAC being the coordinators for the Northeast region.

In early 2010, MREAC began this project in partnership with the NB Renewable Energy Hub, by conducting 10 interviews of willing candidates owning a renewable energy system. During these interviews, questions were asked about the cost of the unit, amount of energy they generate, installers and manufacture information, and whether or not the owner was satisfied with their investment. They were also asked to share any lessons learned and whether they would be willing to be mentors for others interested in obtaining similar systems. All of this information was used to create a case study for the Renewables NB website. Due to some recent changes in the requirements for case studies, many of these case studies have been removed from the site. Case study selections in the future will be chosen following the new requirements for the project.

MREAC will continue this project by adding additional case studies in the Northeast region. In addition, promotion and awareness of Renewables NB to home owners and home builders.

If you have a unique, small scale, renewable energy system at your home, camp or business and you would like to help this initiative by partaking in an interview, contact your Renewables NB Regional Coordinator. For the North-east region, contact the MREAC office for more details.


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Solar Rooftop Mapping

To view the Miramichi solar heat maps visit:

Renewable Energy Systems

There is a lot involved with considering a renewable energy system, therefore educating yourself before installing these systems can be very important to avoid mistakes and wasting your time and money. Please, before you build, do some research. Make sure your contractor is licensed and experienced with renewable energy systems as they can be complicated. The risks include some safety hazards if these technologies are not installed properly. Consult NB Public Safety to make sure proper permits and inspections are completed to ensure your personal safety.

Miramichi Home Show

MREAC hosted the Renewables NB booth at the Miramichi Home Show in April, 2011. The booth promoted and delievered information about Renewables NB and encouraged home owners to think about renewable energy options for their homes. There were some renewable energy displays at the booth to help demonstrate how they work. During the three days of the home show, 177 people stopped at the booth to talk and ask questions about renewable energy.

Miramichi Home Show 2011