Sub-Watershed Monitoring

Miramichi River watershed is ~ 13,547 km² and too large in scale for comprehensive annual environmental monitoring.  MREAC thus divided the watershed into major sub-watersheds based on major tributary branches.  For this project, MREAC normally selects a different sub-watershed each year to conduct environmental monitoring, involving general water chemistry at six or more sites during high and low water conditions.  These samples are processed by the NB Department of Environment.  Following sample collection and analysis, a report is written that presents the results.

Northwest Miramichi

  • Little Southwest Miramichi (1,344 km²)
  • Northwest Miramichi (2,516 km²)
  • Millstream (210 km²)

Southwest Miramichi

  • Barnaby (490 km²)
  • Bartholomew (396 km²)
  • Cains (1,399 km²)
  • Renous (1,429 km²)
  • Southwest Miramichi (3,930 km²)
  • Taxis (510 km²)

Main Branch / Estuary

  • Baie St. Anne (181 km²)
  • Bartibog (512 km²)
  • Bay Du Vin (283 km²)
  • Napan (114 km²)