Fishing Line/Lead Collectors

The Miramichi has witnessed a phenomenal increase in recreational fishing for Striped Bass in a concentrated area along the Miramichi estuary.  This has resulted in much waste fishing line and associated lead weights contributing adversely to the environment and posing a risk of entanglement and poisoning marine and avian species.  The Miramichi River Environmental Assessment Committee (MREAC) and partners launched the Fishing Line/Lead Collectors project in 2018 to reduce this threat.

Keep Our Waterways Tangle-Free and Lead-Free!

Why Should We Use Fishing Line/Lead Collectors?

  • Monofilament fishing line persists in the environment for 600 years.
  • Fishing line and hooks can cause injuries or kill birds.
  • Birds can ingest fishing lures & hooks.
  • A small lead sinker is enough to poison a Bald Eagle (Using non-lead weights is a great way to protect wildlife).

Based on the success in removing waste line and some lead along with the very positive response to this project MREAC will continue this project into future years.  The units are multi-year, low cost, and demand only infrequent emptying due to the low volume of the waste materials.  The phenomenal growth of this recreational fishery is only likely to increase over the short term.

MREAC will support the adoption of these units in other areas in eastern New Brunswick as a valuable contribution to wildlife stewardship.

Thank You for Using the Fishing Line/Lead Collectors!

Fishing Line/Lead Collector Sites

Dispose Your Fishing Line/Lead Here!

Bicentennial Park

Church River Road Bridge

Gordon's Wharf

Loggieville Wharf

Middle Island

Miramichi Boating & Yacht Club

Parks' Landing Lane

Ritchie Wharf

Station Wharf Marina

Strawberry Marsh

Sweezey Bridge

Wilson's Point


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